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SIKURS - English version

Population projections - indispensable planning tools

Muncipal policies rely on the knowledge of how populations develop under certain assumptions and which impulses would bring about change in a desirable direction.

Population forecasting is a means of quantifying such dynamics and the conditions associated with them. It provides the political decision-making process with the opportunity to adapt to changing situations early, to predict demand for public facilities and programmes, and to avoid inappropriate investments!

Projections for a city as a whole, however, are not enough. In order to plan infrastructure which is tailored to demand, forecasts for small areas are required. Only these will indicate the kinds of population changes which might occur within the catchment areas of specific services such as schools, day care centres, libraries or hospitals.

With the SIKURS population projection model and programme the KOSIS association can offer a sophisticated instrument which can meet the information demands for small area planning. The SIKURS programme system is conceptualized as a modular set of forecasting tools. The different modules can be arranged to provide a number of forecast variations. The modular system guarantees the user a high level of transparency as well as convenient guidance and control possibilities.

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